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TAPA's IAQ Solution Boosts Wellbeing; Helps Small Town Virginia Church Reopen with Confidence for Worship


It's now more important than ever that we equip physical spaces with the technology necessary to operate safely in a pandemic society. This past week, Tapa and its partner SmartBT were proud to install its Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring Solution at the Sherlynd Baptist Church in Lyndhurst, Virginia.

"What our congregation and I want to see is that the indoor air quality score is in the green and safe," said Pastor Allen George.

The safe return to places of worship and all public buildings has elevated the need to ensure the air is clean and safe. Tapa's IAQ solution takes into account the temperature, humidity, particulate matter, CO2, air flow, volatile organic compounds, and more to deliver a total IAQ score that's then continuously tracked. Tapa’s IAQ solution not only boosts health and wellbeing, it also improves building efficiency and we're thrilled to provide the extra assurance the Sherlynd community sought so that they and their parishioners could get back to business as usual. For additional IAQ and other Tapa product inquiries contact

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