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Image by katie manning

A leader in complete solutions for Building Automation Systems, SmartBT helps building engineers, building managers, and building owners operate with efficiency.


SmartBT's  specialty is reinvigorating buildings with aged and outdated systems. For buildings with old systems, they provide the most comprehensive overhaul of inefficient systems in the industry. They do this by monitoring and correcting areas of the existing system that are losing heat and energy, prior to connecting all components to a central automated control mechanism to ensure the highest level of energy efficiency.

SmartBT utilizes Open Protocol Technologies to integrate all systems and manufacturers, meaning that existing equipment can be integrated into your Building Automation System. One purpose for Building Automation Systems is to extend the life and longevity of both existing and new equipment. This saves time, and money. The system is then integrated to a web-based platform, allowing multiple property managers to access the system and ensure tenant satisfaction.

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