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Tapa Goes Live on Republic

Republic logo.jpg

Tapa recently launched its first round of seed funding with Republic. This open investment opportunity is for anyone interested in owning a stake – for as little as $100 – in Tapa’s growing business and innovative solution sets for the commercial real estate market.


  • Why it matters: Venture capital investment in proptech skyrocketed to record-setting highs in the first half of 2019 with a focus on technologies to make buildings future-ready. In 2020 analysts predict the most successful commercial real estate companies following the mantra: location, experience, analytics; prioritizing occupants’ needs, given the increasing influence of technology, and changing customer preferences, some of which brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.


Tapa’s unified platform application and solution sets for the commercial real estate market incorporates intelligence into the building to reduce the cost of ownership, maximize building operations and enhance the occupant’s experience, safety and overall well-being.


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