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Alps Controls Lists Tapa’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Solution for Direct Purchase

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Tapa’s systems partner Alps Controls officially made available Tapa’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solution via its online marketplace.


This significant achievement provides building system integrators, owners, operators and others a quick and easy way to order Tapa’s IAQ monitoring solution from the leading online marketplace for building automation control parts and peripherals.


  • Why It Matters: As Covid-19 continues to impact commercial real estate, economic recovery and long-term business resilience lies in the ability of building owners and operators to address consumers’ very real and growing concerns around the health and safety of re-entering public buildings – specifically with real-time data-driven insights to inform occupants that the indoor air is clean and contaminant-free.


Tapa’s IAQ solution lets users visualize the quality of their indoor air at any time, from anywhere, via a mobile application. Five (5) critical environmental factors are continuously measured to deliver the Tapa IAQ Score - an at-a-glance assessment of your air quality on a simple 0 – 100 scale. When these five environmental factors deviate outside the recommended ranges, the score decreases signaling that an adjustment should be made.


By the numbers: Indoor air quality has risen to the top for re-opening "must-haves" according to a new report out from Carbon Lighthouse which found a vast majority – 91% – of consumers believe that IAQ is important in the prevention of COVID-19 spread. Moreover, 76% surveyed said that a 'rating system' on the IAQ of a building - similar to restaurant ratings - would help them feel better about entering that building.

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